• Crunchbutton


    Push a button. Get Food.

  • Niraj Nepal

    Niraj Nepal

    21 messi made me watch football..man utd the EPL ..fan of music, art and technology

  • Nick Markwith

    Nick Markwith

    Virtualization, cloud & data center community manager w/ @BrightTALK. All opinions are my own. http://www.linkedin.com/in/nickmarkwith

  • Pivotal Big Data

    Pivotal Big Data

    Database technology to accelerate your digital transformation.

  • Jinny Kwon

    Jinny Kwon

    I am an inquisitive and creative data scientist based in Atlanta. I am also a novice horticulturist when I am not on my screen. HIRE ME!

  • J-Philippe CUNNIET

    J-Philippe CUNNIET

    Formateur Big Data, Marketing prédictif, Curieux www.linkedin.com/in/jcunniet

  • Mohamed Mohamed

    Mohamed Mohamed

  • Rob Bergin

    Rob Bergin

    Father of three under eleven, husband of artist, driver of Subaru, mower of lawn, drinker of craft beers, SE @ SpringPath.

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