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  • z3dster


    Personal write up of my OSINT adventures

  • Emily Ross

    Emily Ross

    Writes tech: marketing: futurism. Founder of things. Tweets @emilyjaneross.

  • John Laudun

    John Laudun

    John Laudun studies how information flows across social networks online and off. For more, see http://johnlaudun.net/

  • Jeffrey Hulten

    Jeffrey Hulten

    Consultant, developer, systems guy, polymath, and gourmand.

  • Natalie Riviere

    Natalie Riviere

  • Steph Percival

    Steph Percival

  • Philippe Telio

    Philippe Telio

  • Katherine Johnsen

    Katherine Johnsen

    Director of Partnerships + Marketing for @startupfest and @fwd50. Sneakerhead. Carry-on queen. Catch me on the gram @beachykj.

  • Tim Bouma

    Tim Bouma

    Based in Ottawa. Does identity stuff. My tweets are my opinion but they can be yours too!

  • Rebecca Croll

    Rebecca Croll

    Director of Content @Startupfest and @fwd50conf, Actor, Indie film producer @RobertThePug & all around people person, usually plays the good cop.

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