I don’t think this is ridiculous. I’m not claiming for a second that we aren’t, as a society, shirking responsibilities to indigenous Canadians, something that was abundantly clear at FWD50 last week. My post was specifically about some of the amazing innovations coming from the Inuit, First Nations, and Métis themselves.

Perhaps I should be more specific. I was referring to the work of http://myeragroup.ca/, which was demonstrating some of their technology at the event. They use computer vision to manage beehive collapse; and they use machine learning to identify malnourishment patterns, then engineer the waste from Arctic Char farming to grow algae with specific nutritional profiles that can create targeted neutraceuticals for specific populations.

I think it’s acceptable to both decry the discrimination and applaud efforts at indigenous innovation. Hopefully the founder, Bruce, can chime in with more details and alleviate any misunderstandings that may have occurred here.



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Alistair Croll

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