Unevenly distributed

Plenty of minerals in that Kale. Don’t worry, the red is mostly strawberry.

The past is here, and it lurks

William Gibson famously said, “the future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed.” Well, the past is still here, and it’s not evenly distributed either, but it lurks in neglected processes, voicemail hells, and outdated systems. It’s low-hanging fruit, and for many companies, fixing it will yield far better results than whatever shiny new project the CTO is enamoured with.

This is tremendously helpful.

Trying to get a copy of a ticket receipt

Last December, I booked a flight on Air Canada. The receipt for the purchase was sent to my gmail account . But apparently Air Canada had done something to itself flagged as spam, which meant the receipt went to my spam folder for 30 days, and was summarily deleted.

My upcoming flights. Plus the ubiquitous error seven. What’s error seven? I need to know!
Easy! Show me my flights!
Shouldn’t this just be a list of flights?
Note I can see a receipt for a past ticket, AND find a reservation by confirmation number, immediately.
Ticket numbers only appear on the original receipt, not confirmations and check-in notifications.
Multi-city trips need not apply.
My kingdom for a ticket number. Well, my expense report at least.
Wait, what?

Time to wait for the humans

Anyway, I wait five days, and get no mail. I even check spam. So I fill it out again. And wait.

Aren’t you glad you read this far?

Sometimes, simply making things work properly is a revelation

This is an object lesson in innovation. There are so many customers, becoming infuriated by so many little things, wasting so much of their time, that simply making something basic work properly is a revelation to us.


Yes, I need more time. I want the hours I spent trying to resolve this back, please.



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